California Strong Brewers shirt


There’s only one variation, between Walker and California Strong Brewers shirt. It’s not their talent. Walker has chose to come to Boston and Irving ran away. It’s tough going to the City of Champions. The other three major sports team’s, made it to the last game of the season. That’s the expectations and Walker fully embraces the challenge. He belongs in Boston, welcome Kemba!

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California Strong Brewers

Ladie Vneck

California Strong Brewers

Ladie Tee

California Strong Brewers


California Strong Brewers

Guys Vneck

California Strong Brewers

Guys shirt

California Strong Brewers

Tank top

Best California Strong Brewers shirt

Slight downgrade in pure talent. 100 percent upgrade in gritty/leadership. He is the kind of California Strong Brewers shirt  the Celtics need as long as he understands he doesn’t have to force up all the shots he used to. We have some players around him now. Get them included and he will also be left open more. Seems to be a hard thing for scoring point guards to understand.

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