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Out of the Silent Planet. It’s one of the I Need Vitamin Sea shirt songs on the album with that classic jackhammer Maiden gallop riffage yet rife with the most intricate guitar melodies, vocal melodies and that epic grandiosity. I’d describe it as one of the most colourful Maiden songs ever.Honourable mention to The Nomad being incredibly orchestral and symphonic in addition to boasting some of the heaviest riffage/solos ever drawn from the darker Middle Eastern sounding scales and modes.

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I Need Vitamin Sea

Ladie Vneck

I Need Vitamin Sea

Ladie Tee

I Need Vitamin Sea


I Need Vitamin Sea

Guys Vneck

I Need Vitamin Sea

Guys shirt

I Need Vitamin Sea

Tank top

Best I Need Vitamin Sea shirt

Probably The Wicker Man, which was the first Iron Maiden song I’ve ever heard and I Need Vitamin Sea shirt made me fall in love with the band immediately.Also the deep cuts like The Nomad and Fallen Angel are awesome. I love this album, it’s probably the best non 80s record the band ever pulled out.

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