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Winning a competition on Clyde FM to be a stage singer on the Virtual XI tour show at Barrowlands in Glasgow. It was cool to be backing vocals (and I can’t sing) on Heaven Can Wait. We (the winners) were supposed to meet the band after the show but there was some Kimohno kimohno shirt. I still have the package from Sanctuary Music that came a couple of months later and contained an apology note, signed tour book, and T shirt. That was a really nice and unexpected gesture.

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Kimohno kimohno


Kimohno kimohno

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Somewhere Back in Time tour, returning to Australia since last tour in 1992, my first concert as I hadn’t been able to get to any of the Kimohno kimohno shirt tours to my country even though being a fan since 1981 AND got to go on stage for Heaven Can Wait promo, standing next to Adrian, watching the master at work.

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