Megan Rapinoe USA Soccer Shirt


The epicenter of Megan Rapinoe USA Soccer Shirt recent earthquakes was the naval intelligence base “China Lake”, which is known for its mental evaluations, psychological warfare tactics and torture methods. I believe those weren’t earthquakes but huge explosions 1 mile under the earth that set off the richter scale. Granted, it shook the earth too but I don’t believe for one second it was 2 seismic plates rubbing.

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Megan Rapinoe USA Soccer

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Megan Rapinoe USA Soccer

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Megan Rapinoe USA Soccer


Megan Rapinoe USA Soccer

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Megan Rapinoe USA Soccer

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Megan Rapinoe USA Soccer

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They exist. We only have Megan Rapinoe USA Soccer Shirt  bases above ground so the satellite images can be sent back to whoever wants to see them of the above ground base. Now below ground goes about 40 stories because you can get a lot more accomplished underground in secrecy then if you were to do it in a building above ground back and be penetrated with today’s technology for listening in on people.

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