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I have researched it, and The Gals Shirt don’t feel comfortable with it. I mean I had my uterus fuse to my bladder and intestines because of a permanent birth control device, that we were the last country in the world to pull it from market yet doctors can still legally implant you with it if they have stock laying around.

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The Gals

Ladie Vneck

The Gals

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The Gals


The Gals

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The Gals

Guys shirt

The Gals

Tank top

Best The Gals Shirt

So The Gals Shirt , I’m not going to feel pressured by random people to have my son injected with ONE vaccine that I have researched. Just because it’s fine for some, the risks vs reward on this one leaves me uneasy. I mean I lost my uterus by trying to be safe, you lost yours from not. Your partner gave you something, my 9 year old didn’t.

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