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It’s you who shouldn’t breed next time you make a degrading, simple narrow minded, passive aggressive comment for a little care and Usa Vs Everybody Shirt attention try to aim in the more positive direction, if you know which way that is. Secondly there is nothing wrong with the show, it’s choices, or that deran is a happy gay man. 

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Usa Vs Everybody

Ladie Vneck

Usa Vs Everybody

Ladie Tee

Usa Vs Everybody


Usa Vs Everybody

Guys Vneck

Usa Vs Everybody

Guys shirt

Usa Vs Everybody

Tank top

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The scenes you disgracefully spoke about are very important aspects of this Usa Vs Everybody Shirt  for the LGBTQ community. See that those scenes are called support and acceptance, that all love is love. You made your point about they could do without all that but you don’t comprehend the meaning that it means for other men to see other gay men that they can represent themselves with on screen. 

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