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We haven’t had a “leader” since Larry Bird…This is Celtic basketball…we may have White Claw Wasted shirt one in Kemba…This young man has heart; he has leadership; he has desire; he has “team-first” concepts; man, this is what we have waited for since Bird-man retired…I might even start watching the NBA again ( I had quit watching for 25 plus years) but now it may be worth watching the Celtics once again. Just be Kemba!!! don’t try to do more than you have to…let if flow.

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White Claw Wasted

Ladie Vneck

White Claw Wasted

Ladie Tee

White Claw Wasted


White Claw Wasted

Guys Vneck

White Claw Wasted

Guys shirt

White Claw Wasted

Tank top

Best White Claw Wasted shirt

It’s better keeping expectations lower or White Claw Wasted shirt  are always high —hard to forgive and forget. 2017 lost to the Cavaliers had less impact on the team for expectations of making it to the NBA finals that year were almost zero let alone the conference finals. 2018 expectations were so high and so the disappointments. 

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