Black Women Shirt

Black Women

They watered down our education, took away truant officers to keep us in school, so then some of us roaming the streets, ignorant, but looking to make it somehow. They made guns and drygas accessible, sothen there’s drug and gang wars. They had us using their drugs and Black Women Shirt each other. Our enemies put a hell of a psych job on us. But now is the time stop playing the blame gane, own up to faults on both sides and work together to find solutions to our problems and stand united as one family.

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But when I see one bash black women then I will be sure to give them a dose of their own medicine. Tired of everyone beating up on Black Women Shirt and kids but protect these man childs. That’s why the black community is screwed up because everyone babies these cry baby ass males instead of holding them accountable for their lack of leadership.

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Black Women Hoodie
Black Women Tank Top
Tank Top

What a lot of people don’t realize is that they’re not saying all they’re talking about the majority of them that do this. Let’s be real Black Women Shirt do no fight for black women the way we fight for them I don’t care how you put it. We will stand by their side through everything and still only be considered whores and so on. The problem is there are not enough black men standing by the black womans side.

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