Came Thru Drippin Shirt

Came Thru Drippin

I just joined this group to be a troll but cbf cos i don’t have enough time on Came Thru Drippin Shirt so iI’m leaving. All i can say is, good luck, and make sure you aren’t being epically trolled by the original group in the first place. I would also check whether the guild has even the slightest chance of affiliating them, because there have been many outrageous groups like this pop up over the years i’ve been at uni and none of them ever made it thru.

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Being an Arsenal supporter i may tell u something, we got mocked years n years, dis kind of things Came Thru Drippin Shirt or seen in dis years. And yes i do agree we had an trophyless period, but we still stood with our club our manager n our players, i knew due to debts n financial restrictions my club was standing firm with there values n principles and still competing on an top level.

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I was saying that the outrageous ones didn’t get thru. Like two guys tried to Came Thru Drippin Shirt a group called “Gentlemen Only, Fags Forbidden” later changed to Gentlemen only, females forbidden” and it didn’t even get put to the vote at soc council cos the guild flat refused it. Same with several other “gentlemen’s clubs” that seem to pop up every few years.

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