Stand up for science shirt

Stand up for science

People are arguing at cross purposes here. Science itself is not about belief, it is about observable, repeatable, provable things. At the individual level, people have to take Stand up for science shirt on trust belief that others have done their science properly and that it’s been properly peer reviewed. Otherwise we’d have to see and understand everything from first principles, which is clearly not feasible.

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Most humans are too afraid to move, like deer in headlights, others fear nothing and run straight off a cliff, science is the balance, creeping to Stand up for science shirt, to record its boundary and live to tell the tale. That isn’t to say there is no valid application for the fearless and fearful.

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They should be taught to recognize they’re own niche so they maximize on bestowing whatever specific wealth they can develop for specific family and community responsibilities. If religion gets them to inspire the faith in Stand up for science shirt others, so be it. A belief in God is statistically necessary to us having evolved to the point we are now. It should not be downgraded, although it should be scrutinized if it were used to meld other minds in towards a certain belief.

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