Can’t Relate Shirt

Can't Relate

If It’s empty or they’ve asked the person behind them that It’s alright then cool. But If there’s someone behind you at least have the Can’t Relate Shirt to ask If It’s alright. Especially If It’s a tall person, I’m not event and I barely have space, someone reclines and then they’re basically crushing my knee caps. Even the extra room seats there’s not that much extra room.

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Guys Shirt
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Guys V-Neck
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Ladies V-Neck

If you want extra space, you should go first class. The seats are made to recline. If you don’t like the amount of Can’t Relate Shirt space you’re left with when someone reclines that’s your problem. You knew the seats reclined when booking the flight. When someone tries to stop me from reclining, that argument ends really fast.

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Can't Relate Hoodie
Can't Relate Tank Top
Tank Top

By the way, makes almost no difference to the position of the seat for you, but makes a big difference for the Can’t Relate Shirt person behind you. You’re not the most Important human being alive and If every other person can suffer through a few hours of sitting upright, you can too. And this Is an argument I would gladly have with you here or on a plane and I promise you I’ll win 100% of the time, just as I always have.

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