Dripping tiger Shirt

Dripping tiger

I am one of many who never watched golf before I heard about tiger. Because of him, I learned about the Dripping tiger Shirt what skills It takes and I watched a man do amazing things with golf clubs. I do not watch unless I know he Is participating win or lose. He brings the magic to the course. So glad he Is playing again. He Is an Inspiration to so many.

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I have followed you since you were playing junior golf and winning the us amateurs. I will keep following you till the Dripping tiger Shirt of your career or until I die. I have took many trips to watch you In person what a thrill that was good luck this week Tiger.

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What he was doing at the players saturday and sunday gave them a small sample of what he could do. So what If he’s not as good as Dripping tiger Shirt to be. I love to watch him play and that’s coming from a hardcore mickelson fan. I have so much respect for what he’s done for the game as every golfer at there should. It has said It numerous times that he thanks tiger for everything he’s done.

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