Happy Halloween Shirt

Happy Halloween

Compassion seems to have died for the country. I am trying hard to hold onto the faith that the con will be Happy Halloween Shirt exposed and harmony will ensue. I have friends who are mothers who are ridiculing me for being upset with the lies and the policy of locking up children. I’m disgusted by It all. The bible tells us to love one another.

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Thank you sir. I feel as I’ve fallen Into a very bad nightmare since you left office. For the first time In my life, I’m ashamed of Happy Halloween Shirt this once great nation has become. So much hate. So little empathy. So many dark souls having their day. I feel sad and upset most every day now. Your words bring me comfort.

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I miss you so much. When you were In office, I always felt you had our nation’s best Interests at heart and that you truly cared about our country and making It better. I feel so heartbroken lately. I feel like Happy Halloween Shirt has changed. The world has changed and not for the better. Every day, one more thing comes flying at us and we are like this can’t be us this can’t be America.

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