Halloween house T shirt

Halloween house

The store Is by a dairy farm that Is close to the paws shelter. Many people will drop abandoned cats at the farm. The store Is on the Halloween house T shirt going through town so I had to check and make sure there was no cat and If so It was okey. He was In the undercarriage of a van. Took us 25 minutes to get him to come out and he was very frightened. Had stormed that morning and night before.

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This sweet boy adopted me about a month ago. He showed up at the back porch of my apartment. I felt bad for Halloween house T shirt so I opened the door to give him some food and he walked right In like he owned the place, and he hasn’t left. He’s obsessed with watching the toilet flush, and he loves playing with Ice cubes he begs for them like a dog. I’ve always wanted a black cat and now I have one.

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I love my black kitties. The 2 bigger ones are a boy and a girl named shadow girl and dash boy that we were born wild and when we got them they were very skittish but now very loving. The little one, Is not all black but has the Halloween house T shirt white socks on each foot. He wandered In as a stray and was pretty scrawny and not healthy but he’s on his way to getting alot healthier.

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