Paul Stanley Kiss Army Shirt

Paul Stanley Kiss Army


You don’t know me you have never met me I’m seeing you on stage over the course of Paul Stanley Kiss Army Shirt but I wanted to say I thank you it means the world to me to look at you I’m look how happy you are with the woman that you love and that Mr Paul that means nothing less than success I appreciate everything you’ve done my wedding song was every time you look at me I thank you for that you’re the greatest thank you I wish you well each and every day.

Paul Stanley Kiss Army Shirt, Youth tee, V-neck, Sweater and Unisex, t-shirt

Paul Stanley Kiss Army
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Paul Stanley Kiss Army
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Paul Stanley Kiss Army
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So I gave a young man that I really don’t know but I know his parents a Paul Stanley guitar pick that I got on the KissKruise. I work with the young man’s grandmother so I love Paul Stanley Kiss Army Shirt and asked her to give it to him. A couple days later this letter was on my station at work. It warms my heart and makes me smile to see, hear or in this case read the excitement this young man has for his favorite band.

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Paul Stanley Kiss Army
Ladies V-Neck
Paul Stanley Kiss Army

I blew off an audition for Gene and Paul. Some one I new was friends with them and new where the auditions were being held. They had an add in the village voice and did not list their selves as Kiss. All I can say after all these years I regretted not going to play with Gene and Paul Stanley Kiss Army Shirt. I just can’t believe that they hired all these guys including Vinnie Vincent. The had no respect or appreciated what they had and whether your a Kiss fan or not, you can’t deny they were one of the biggest band’s in the world.

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