Underpaying therapists and under serving families affected by autism merits making noise to your elected representatives. Early intervention therapy for children with autism is the key, whether one approaches the question from a humanitarian point of Goku-adidas-autism-shirt or a practical one. Aba therapy is the only evidence-based therapy. I have watched the progress of children.

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Many of you know the struggles we’ve had over the last year with dad. But a struggle that I haven’t publicised as much is Paisley’s diagnosis of Goku-adidas-autism-shirt in May. Long story short, we have gone to extreme lengths to give Paisley all of the tools available to her for her journey through life, including 6 weeks in Denver for therapy, private school.

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We had to start medicating him. I cried all of the time and many days disliked my children, my husband, and myself. I was so discouraged because I felt like I was the wrong mom for my kids. But this tiny little bottle of Goku-adidas-autism-shirt oil changed our family changed my kids.We have been able to remove all special ed support because of this.

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