Cat bite back shirt

Cat bite back

Willing to bet the  murderer listened to this guy. Infowars and Cat bite back shirt, they are one of the root causes. Alex Jones is a domestic terrorist. He incites violence by using fear and stupidity, rallying those who lack critical thinking skills to his side, and then blaming their actions on others. He is a terrorist. There is no other label for him.

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Cat bite back
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Cat bite back
Cat bite back

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I will repeat myself. This character has already admitted he lies, that this persona the Cat bite back shirt. Every time he is exposed to the world in any format serves to legitimize him. Please stop. PolitiFact, why are you giving this guy any attention? Has he ever said anything that was factually confirmed to be true? If not, you’re giving him the attention he craves. Alex is from central casting, playing the part of a crazy, unhinged, alt-right white dude. He’s a left wing plant designed to make the alt right look bad.

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