Leprechaun Dabbing St Patricks Day T-Shirt

Leprechaun Dabbing St Patricks DayLeprechaun Dabbing St Patricks Day

I am not saying I will never use their makeup products . I still like a lot of makeup products, I love their makeup brushes and some of their eye shadows and blush but I will definitely be more cautious when it comes to buying things packaged like Leprechaun Dabbing St Patricks Day T-Shirt. Be cautious and aware when buying makeup products of this form. What you see is not always what you get.

Leprechaun Dabbing St Patricks Day T-Shirt, Youth tee, V-neck, Sweater and Unisex, t-shirt

Guys shirt
Ladies tee
Guys v-neck
Ladies v-neck

I really liked the product and was happy with the results but I would never have bought this product had I known what a small amount I was actually receiving. Just a word to the wise and Leprechaun Dabbing St Patricks Day T-Shirt. I use their lip line and a few brushes. I don’t use primer at all because I don’t need face makeup. This is good to know for sure. That’s how I feel when I buy a less that half full bag of chips.

Best Leprechaun Dabbing St Patricks Day T-Shirt


I actually like elf because there stuff is not pricey. I was just surprised to find out how little I actually got when it appeared I was getting so much more. The bottle did not say how many oz on it, I am sure the package it came in said it but I had already trashed that a long time ago.Door opens and hes like oh never mind and  Leprechaun Dabbing St Patricks Day T-Shirt goes back in too cute.

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