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I certainly enjoyed being a Nana . Don’t see how people say they love their grand children but don’t spend no time with them, or ones that can say they don’t want any. I could see my every day, can’t get enough of Promoted grandma Est 2019 shirt, wouldn’t know what to do without them in our lives.

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Sadly, I have a friend who loves her Grandson but is not in contact with him…and they live in the same town !! I cant imagine ! The Grandma has not seen him in years  How cruel is that she even went to a lawyer and he said there was not much she could do very sad I would just die if I didnt get to see my Promoted grandma Est 2019 shirt

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My granddaughter is my whole world. It is a wonderful feeling to have her look to me and say I love u grandma.I. have been living with my granddaughter since she was born.She is so sweet to be around I love her so much she means everything to Promoted grandma Est 2019 shirt.

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