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 Matt Reeeves has a great pedigree when making Hollywood blockbusters so he might know better than us lot, so let’s just wait and 4ocean shirt reserve judgement on the movie and casting until we’ve actually seen the movie all this hate and bitching just looks sad

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t’s ironic that almost every comment by a woman on this subject is “I’d give it a try” or “I’ve never watched a Batman movie like 4ocean shirt , but I think he’d be great”Twilight was horrible and killed vampire movies since then, completely. Now he’s going to ruin a beloved character.

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Listen, Im not gonna  him for Twilight. It was a long time ago and hes done some 4ocean shirt interesting stuff since then.I still dont buy him as Batman though. Im sure he’ll go to the gym and pack on the muscle like every other actor that gets one of these roles…so it isnt the physicality…its just…I dont know. I just dont picture him being the superhero. 

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