Bad Girl – T-shirts

Bad Girl - T-shirts


I read it and I thought how great this child feels loved Bad Girl – T-shirts by the absent parent then I re-read it and it seemed as though this child was reassuring themselves that daddy loves them not because of anything he does but because the mummy who they know loves them tells them so. Children are more perceptive than we give them credit for.

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Bad Girl - T-shirts
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Bad Girl - T-shirts
Bad Girl - T-shirts
Bad Girl - T-shirts
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Bad Girl - T-shirts
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Best Bad Girl – T-shirts

This mom is awesome. But it’s not her job to make the kid feel loved by his dad. That’s the father’s job. Too many absentee fathers in this world that don’t know how to love their kids. Kudos to the men who do step up and kudos to the men who raise step-children as their own of Bad Girl – T-shirts. When they grow they will inevitably understand for them selves but ‘till then there is no point in breaking their precious hearts.

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