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Bee Kind sh


I think of Bee Kind shirt all the things Facebook has done right, showing people the true nature of animals and insects, and all living things, is certainly one of its best.Where is the ending to this video. I’m pretty sure that the beautiful bee didn’t ever fly again. This is only teamwork to ensure no honey was lost.

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Bee Kind sh
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Bee Kind sh
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Their ‘mate’ didn’t survive. Did you are their wings move again? Did you see any movement in its legs? Did you see the bees do a high five with their mate and Bee Kind shirt it make any movement? Bees have no emotional attachment. Don’t be fooled. However we need them more than they need us.

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Bee Kind sh
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Bee Kind sh

Love Bee Kind shirt your bees.We had a beekeeper come to humanely remove the bees. He even ships some of the hive to CA for pollination of crops! We even were able to enjoy their honey. It was an amazing experience when he educated us on their intelligence. Truly fascinating. It should be illegal to exterminate bees, especially with the unfortunate shortage due to pesticides.

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