Beets by Dwight shirt

Beets by Dwight


The story of the beets: we grow different kinds of beets on the farm, pictured here are pink or chioggia, gold, and red (we also grow white ones. Beets are one of Beets by Dwight shirt that do really well for us, with our winter storage room we are usually able to have them year round. The red ones are traditional for borscht, and the colored ones are delicious with a sweeter, less earthy flavor also useful if you want to trick someone into eating said borscht.

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Beets by Dwight
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Beets by Dwight
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Beets by Dwight
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Mom uses the beet leaves to make her famous Beet Leaf Buns all market season long. Our favorite way to eat beets is roasted with goat cheese and fresh dill, or in borscht- Mom’s recipe is on our website! She also makes a beet pickle with cloves and cinnamon that is really popular and Beets by Dwight shirt likes to drop phat beats in his spare times  , and he makes the nicest beet bunches.

Best Beets by Dwight shirt

Beets by Dwight
Ladies V-neck
Beets by Dwight

His dad will want to know how to cook them.He doesn’t have to cook them since the little guy ate them raw last week and liked them. The easiest way to prepare them is to scrub them up, and put them in a baking dish with an inch of Beets by Dwight shirt for an hour. Let them cool a bit and then twist the beet in your hand or a paper towel to remove the skin.

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