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bMX Bandits shirt

Childrearing. For all the posturing and bMX Bandits shirt politics surrounding this subject, history and society have never let mothers just parent. If I’m talking to my child (I get down on their level when i have to do this in public) I’m “Letting them be brats and need to beat the kid until they learn their lesson.” If I take hold of my child’s arm to physically interrupt their attempt to yank, grab, or pull someone or something I’m “overreacting and need to talk to the child instead of being physically violent. Bet you spank them too. Tsk.” For some reason, every behavior from Male parents is acceptable with the notable exception of not being present, while moms are wrong 100% of the time and all critics are liars who will change their viewpoint right in front of you to have a chance to yell at a woman. One day, old great aunt Ethel or some 30 year old guy will tell you, “Beat that kid until they beg for mercy” and the very next day tell you that grabbing a kid’s hand about to touch the stove is “violent abuse.” Either these types are useless emotional ninnies changing parenting beliefs based on their mood that day (what a sick proposal THAT is), OR they are sadists who just want to see a child suffer. In either case, they aren’t good people.

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