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Booty Hunter

At age 16 she did it, does it not dawn on Booty Hunter Shirt that she’s nearly 60 year of age now. I also danced as a child teenager. I couldn’t do now what I could then. I think she’s doing extremely well for her age. Most of the women left are nearly half her age. While she’s not who I want to win it, she doesn’t deserve all the horrible comments. She’s having fun doing it, fair play to her.

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Guys Shirt
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Ladies Tee
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Guys V-Neck
Booty Hunter Ladies V-Neck
Ladies V-Neck

Didn’t enjoy this one. Where was the bounce? I thought the music wasn’t the best Booty Hunter Shirt I prefer the traditional south American influenced stuff, but that wasn’t the main problem. Her timing was impeccable, but the samba roll was very swishy and not smooth. Best dance of the evening so far, though.

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Booty Hunter Hoodie
Booty Hunter Tank Top
Tank Top
Well over marked and deffo showing favouritism. For me it was not one her best dances, on the Booty Hunter Shirt she looked arkward and I did not feel she danced as well as usual. Love her usually but for me it was 7 at best, but still one if my favourites but hopefully a blip.

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