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We read a few bible verses with her played a few of her favorite hymns, we started calling in family and friends. She talked to my husband who was on his way up here and told him she was sorry. She wanted to stay and help him with me and my sisters, but she was just so tired of Caucasians Shirt. He told her not to worry he would take care of us. She said I am going to see Jack today.

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We watched as she was slowly getting weaker. Wasn’t really responding to much to what we were telling her, her pulse was and oxygen was getting weaker of Caucasians Shirt. She was still having seizures so they gave her some anxiety meds and drifted off to sleep. In my mind that was the last time we would see her conscious again. She slept for a few hours and we all just sat around and waited. Out of the blue she woke up and said Jesus wasn’t ready for her yet and she wanted a hamburger.

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They got her a hamburger, fries, and ate it all. Her oxygen was coming back, her pulse was stronger. And she was more alert than we have seen her in days and Caucasians Shirt.I have no answers as to why other than Jesus really wasn’t ready for her yet and we witnessed a miracle. Every time someone would come in to say goodbye she would tell them where she was going and she as questioning them on whether or not she would see them there too. She never stopped witnessing to people.

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