Crocodile Dundee That’s Not A Knife Sweatshirt

Crocodile Dundee That’s Not A Knife Sweatshirt

Suppose you made a 20 meter thick copper rod of 500 meters length and plunged it into the Crocodile Dundee That’s Not A Knife Sweatshirt, with a flotation device and supplied gigawatts of electrical power to it… The current will take a more or less straight path to the ocean floor, and the sea water which is a very good electrolyte will start breaking down into chlorine gas and sodium ions, which will combine with the remaining water to form sodium hydroxide and generate a lot of heat. The chlorine will migrate towards the cathode – which is the bottom of the ocean, but a lot of it will drift away poisoning (or disinfecting?) the local waters and air. The ocean is extremely large though, and even if you did this for months on end, you won’t see much of an impact except the local fish poisoning. Given the turbulence of the ocean, it will disperse extremely fast and get diluted into nothingness. If enough chlorine goes into the atmosphere though, it will destroy the ozone layer and cause climactic changes, but you would need a lot of it for that.

Crocodile Dundee That's Not A Knife Sweatshirt(Crocodile Dundee That’s Not A Knife Sweatshirt)

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