Funny Cute Animal _Koala Tea_ (Quality) Pun T Shirt

Funny Cute Animal _Koala Tea_ (Quality) Pun T Shirt

At that, it is perfectly safe to hold in your hand! You could carry that around in your pocket pretty much your entire life and be perfectly safe! It’d be like carrying around an iron ball in your pocket essentially. So, ‘lots’ of what’s considered ‘radioactive waste’ isn’t waste.. ..and, lots of materials that’re considered ‘radioactive hazards’ (thus, handled like radioactive wastes) are so incredibly stable it’s laughable that the Funny Cute Animal _Koala Tea_ (Quality) Pun T Shirt industry doesn’t protest this left & right to fight the costs policy imposes on them per handling this material. That said.. the radioactive material that poses a danger? Much of this, again, exists simply due to paltry utilization. If it’s giving off enough radioactivity, it’s giving off harnessable energy! Think of it somewhat like ‘osmosis’ or heat differentials, but, more ‘radioactive differentials’. If the radiation being given off is higher than the ambient background radiation then, technically, there’s harvestable energy there. The more radioactive it is, the greater the differential, and the easier it is to harness.

Funny Cute Animal _Koala Tea_ (Quality) Pun T Shirt(Funny Cute Animal _Koala Tea_ (Quality) Pun T Shirt)

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