Hodl my retirement play shirt – T-shirHodl my retirement play shirt – T-shir

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Hodl my retirement play shirt

Since Azerbaijan is dependent on Israel/Russia/Pakistan & Turkey for Hodl my retirement play shirt & weapons, I do not believe Ukraine can get what they need from Azerbaijan. Yes, Azerbaijan produces some type of military equipments, but I would never believe without the permission of Kremlin, Azerbaijan can actually sell something to Ukraine in these circumstances. I must say that Azerbaijani people in general have positive views about Ukraine and Ukrainian people. However when it comes to make a decision between Russia and Ukraine in a governmental level, Azerbaijan will choose Russia for its own sake. While Azerbaijan has positive views about Ukraine, but Azerbaijan is not that strong to support Ukraine openly, which would not be liked by Mother Russia. The government is trying to keep its balanced relations with them and not be involved in matters concerning both where they oppose each other (except the territorial integrity of Ukraine, where Azerbaijan voted in UN for Ukraine. The reason has been explained above).

(Hodl my retirement play shirt)


Hodl my retirement play shirt – T-shir

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