Let’s Go Darwin Vintage US Flag T Shirt


Let’s Go Darwin Vintage US Flag T Shirt

As a Vietnamese who is currently living in Vietnam, I can say that high nationalism is an undeniable and Let’s Go Darwin Vintage US Flag T Shirt inseparable part of Vietnamese cultures and traditions. The recorded history of Vietnam has been lasted for more than 2,000 years, and it is essentially the history of struggles against the invasions of Great powers of the world (The Empire of China, the Mongolian Empire, the French colonial empire, the United States…). Traditionally, the people in Vietnam always have a strong tradition to proudly respect what there ancestors did in the past, and they also organize lots of events/festivals to honor their great heroes throughout Vietnamese history. For example, Emperor Quang Trung (光中皇帝), the supreme commander of Tay Son uprising (西山) in XVIII century against the Vietnamese feudal lords and defeated the invasion of Qing dynasty in 1789, was considered as one of the most successful military commanders throughout Vietnamese history, and he is memorized by Vietnamese people and every year by festivals especially during the first few days of Lunar New Year to commemorate the decisive Battle of Dong Da (清軍入越戰爭) where thousands of Qing troops were killed and the city of Hanoi was liberated. Here are some typical pictures.

Let's Go Darwin Vintage US Flag T Shirt

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