Michael Myers fishing shirt

Michael Myers fishing shirt


FINALLY you all are reporting something on this! And it’s not just red tide we on the West Coast experience red tide with small fish, fish kill at least once every single year this is not normal! Please if you’re going to cover it include everything like the lake Okeechobee run off the Michael Myers fishing shirt! Red tide alone does not kill dolphins and manatees and big shark and large sea turtles and that’s exactly what’s happening!!! But I thank you from the bottom of my heart finally for covering this! But also could you please capture the true pics not just minnows..

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Best Michael Myers fishing shirt

NBC why don’t you tell the truth! This is from the Michael Myers fishing shirt! Red tide alone does not kill ! The dike is old and weak and water must be released but it should be going into the Everglades. This can’t happen because of land owned by sugar plantations. They give big bucks to politicans that sit back and do nothing.

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