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The mighty satsuma is no match for the massed band of Miscalculation Shirt, fear not I am currently taking tiddly winks lessons, and when ready I am up for a spot of smiting, my aim will be true.Despite republicsns feverish, but clandestine efforts to create a brokered convention, while quietly and diligently securing delegates, like a squirrel gathering nuts and despite paul ryan’s sheepish denial that he is not interested in being.

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Their poorly disguised plan is to deny Trump the nomination before their Convention, create a very divided and contentious convention and to the rousing cheers and Miscalculation Shirt, have Paul Ryan ride in on a white horse or limousine and relunctantly accept being drafted to run.When an accused person utters the words,I would like to invoke my fifth amendment rights, as my answer may incriminate me what are they saying.

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Republican type voters, more so than Democrats, are hero worshippers, especially when the hero is a young, seemingly, sqeaky clean handsome white boy,with a young family, who he is totally devoted and who he grudgingly abandon,in order o seek the office of Miscalculation Shirt, again, because his Party and his country desperately needs him to save the world.He is duty bound.to answer the call, since he and he alone, in the entire universe, is able to save all humanity.

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