NFC West Champions LA Rams Shirt

NFC West Champions LA Rams Shirt

The social media sites design their content so as to make the user spend more and more time on them, a NFC West Champions LA Rams Shirt used by illegal drug peddlers who want their customers to get addicted to the drugs so that they can keep coming back again and again. You spend 5 minutes watching one dog video, and bam..there are 5 more videos waiting for you as you scroll down. These apps analyse your browsing pattern to know what makes you spend more time on them and then keep feeding you the same stuff over and over and over again. And when you try to break this habit and put your phone aside..bam…a notification comes telling you that so and so liked your post, and you get a dopamine rush and are back on it. No wonder the brains of people who use high data are being compared to those of drug addicts..they exhibit similar characteristics like withdrawal, craving, even instances of kids exhibiting violent behaviours when their phone is taken away from them.

NFC West Champions LA Rams Shirt(NFC West Champions LA Rams Shirt)

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