Official Mayhem shirt

Official Mayhem sh

Looks like Official Mayhem shirt they stole a bunch of tools ie; someone’s lively hood. Couldn’t have been a faceless, highly insured company no. But someone’s tools. That’s just scum in my opinion .As a colombian, I should probably apologize. Especially because there are close-to-zero chances of that hoodie to be original.

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Official Mayhem sh
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Official Mayhem sh
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Official Mayhem sh
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I was in Mexico City a few months ago and Official Mayhem shirt saw a guy cleaning shoes wearing a Mayhem T-Shirt, it was hillarious. I have a mugshot from 2004 in a mayhem shirt after I broke a guy’s jaw in three places with my combat boots..Being a band whose origins are drenched in criminal activity, are you even surprised?

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Official Mayhem sh
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Official Mayhem sh

We got kicked out of Official Mayhem shirt in Montreal because security thought we were nazis for wearing Mayhem merch after they played.The chicken was a spy on the inside…he was letting the cops know when the big heist was and where…but his letters to the police with info was just chicken scratch so the cops had to get someone to translate.

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