Respect my vote shirt

Respect my vote


You wanna vote so bad that if two escaped convicts were the only ppl running for office y’all would pick one and Respect my vote shirt. I would like so much and be upset that I respect my vote enough that I’ll wait till someone I feel is qualified and deserves that position comes along for me to pick. And when they do I could care less about the party.

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Respect my vote
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Respect my vote
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Respect my vote
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The abusive use of super delegates became the turning point of my political point of Respect my vote shirt. The rude and entitled behavior of too many Democrats at the Convention in Philadelphia shocked me. I was involved the the Democratic Party from high school. This was not the ideals I believed or voted each election. I believe this change is necessary.

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Respect my vote
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Respect my vote

Glad to hear that from someone in Congress. I must say I have been at a lost how there wasn’t some kind of Respect my vote shirt on the party after announcing victory for Hillery Clinton before the California election took place. I mean how do people turn a blind eye at this!? Too many things have happened in the last election that show how little the citizen vote means when it comes to general elections. Good for you for continuing to expose the frauds that surround you in Washington.

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