RIP Bob Saget Retro Shirt

RIP Bob Saget Retro Shirt

We often have negative interaction with people. For example: ‘if that person was not so rude, things would’ve worked out’ or something like: ‘I could work better if he/she didn’t harass me so much’. We all wish people would change and the world will be a RIP Bob Saget Retro Shirt place to live, right? BUT WRONG. Dark energy will always be there in ‘everything’. An assumption of everything ideal should only be read in textbooks. Practically it is impossible. For example someone may like you, but there will be ‘someone’ who hates you. It may or may not be regarding you (e.g. it could be the shirt you are wearing or any silly thing). But that is the truth. We cannot find peace outside, but it is inside us. How can you protect yourself from the dark energies is entirely up to you. If you get easily distracted/angered by other peoples opinion/belief of you (who doesn’t have a clue about you or your life), you are in a fool’s paradise.

RIP Bob Saget Retro Shirt(RIP Bob Saget Retro Shirt)

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