Rise Wise Eyes up shirt

Rise Wise Eyes up

She towered over many in stature and voice,Yet she still had to “rise” in order to be heard.In a nation that deafened its ear to hear the screams in the Ghettos of Rise Wise Eyes up shirt and the red-clay roads of Georgia.Her lyrical dance and spoken-word crescendos, accompanied by pure southern slang,Gave place and setting to a new representation in the high modernist era and days of the Harlem.Renaissance Jazz movement.

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Rise Wise Eyes up
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Rise Wise Eyes up
Ladies Tee
Rise Wise Eyes up
Guys V-neck

Over the years, I’ve developed a method of teaching women how to move into their Wise Woman Self. I call this program Wise Woman Rising. To fully embody and live our Wise Woman we must first tend to the younger, sometimes more wounded part of Rise Wise Eyes up shirt then our Wise Woman can emerge and flourish. Much like the process of metamorphosis, whereby a caterpillar becomes a butterfly so, too, must a woman undergo a time in the cocoon.

Best Rise Wise Eyes up shirt

Rise Wise Eyes up
Ladies V-neck
Rise Wise Eyes up

As she begins to emerge and touch upon that vast, integral part of herself, it is not uncommon for emotions to appear such as misty eyes and Rise Wise Eyes up shirt. Encountering your Inner Wise Woman and profoundly knowing that she has been there patiently waiting for you is an empowering experience. So today take whatever measures you must so that you can rise into your wise woman self and embrace the love that awaits you.

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