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I was once a deceived Democrat. Now an Independent seeking truth and spreading Santa Shirt to those who are deceived! The evil must stop. This party oppresses those who are poor and middle classs, it passes laws that are immoral, like abortion and gay marriage, it gives evil nations money that want our demise, it protects illegals for votes, it denies God as the true authority! Please wake up America! If you call yourself a Christian, you must follow Christ and his ways, Not mans immorality.

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Santa Shirt
Santa Shirt
Ladie Tee
Santa Shirt
Tank top
Santa Shirt
Santa Shirt

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Its more than about selecting a channel. The MSM is doing their Santa Shirt to try to influence public policy…that is not their business. You may be smart enough to change the channel but there are hordes of people who are not…and they vote. Reporting news giving opinion are two different things and they don’t differentiate when they do either.

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