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Starbucks I’ve switched baristas shirt

But no, the Starbucks I’ve switched baristas shirt choke of all time, in my mind, is Arizona’s loss to Illinois in 2005 in a Great Eight game of March Madness. Arizona was leading by 15 points with 4 minutes left in the game. The announcers were intoning in serious tones about the clinic that Arizona was putting to the Illini. Arizona players were exhorting their skilled shots. And then it happened. Specifically, Deron Williams happened. And maybe you can say this wasn’t technically a choke because it was about Deron Williams elevating to a place rarely seen in March Madness, much less college basketball. While the game completely devastated me and was a precursor to the Lute Olson’s eventual leaving of the Arizona dynasty, I’m glad that I got see it live and in context. Defining games that teach you about persistence and ignoring the odds and ignoring the handicappers and gutting it out beyond all belief are why we watch sports. The lessons are as large as life.

(Starbucks I’ve switched baristas shirt)

ks I’ve switched baristas shirt – T-shir

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