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Human life is like a river. The river water is sometime Still here shirt cloudy and clear; river banks with curves, straight lines; Water waves with lots of noise are sometimes quiet. So is people’s life, everyone has humiliation and glory; when successful, at failure; having fun is hard to avoid sadness …

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Still here sh
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People are not happy when they succeed, they will not be sad when they fail; not complacent in glory, there will be no suffering in shame. Funny-sad, glorious-humiliation, opaque-in, … are the categories that Still here shirt absolutely do not exist for a person who stands on life. life The river needs bends, our lives need to have brackets. If life goes on and on, and drifting along the way of a straight river, is it sad?

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Still here sh
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Still here sh

Looks like a couple of dates I went on when I was younger first they look normal on by the end of the Still here shirt  this is what they turned into. Just wondering how she was able to do her eyes between the contact lenses and the black thing around them. Wears ski masks but manages to wear extremely specific jackets with personalized patches and they didn’t have their voices altered.

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