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Straight Outta Chemo


I am crushed to read that and happy, that all the horror is now gone. As a father of a wonderful daughter that also went through some tough moments I love Straight Outta Chemo Shirt the best to your daughter and hope that now it is downhill from here. Great to hear about new work coming up, but the dearest ones are far more important than anything, than band, record and all that stuff. 

Straight Outta Chemo Shirt, Youth tee, V-neck, Sweater and Unisex, t-shirt

Straight Outta Chemo
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Straight Outta Chemo
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Straight Outta Chemo
Guys V-Neck
Straight Outta Chemo
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The fact that the band went on hiatus to give you time to be with your daughter says a ton about the character of all the members involved. It’s rare to see a band put family first, so hats off to all six of you for taking a step back and realizing what’s really important: family. As a longtime fan of Straight Outta Chemo Shirt, it made me respect the band that much more. Whenever the album is rightfully finished, when all heads are back in the game, I will be there listening.

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Straight Outta Chemo

Man this was an upsetting read, so sorry your daughter has been dealt this cruel infliction, and so sorry for all you’ve been through. I’ll keep a candle burning in the night with all the hopes of Straight Outta Chemo Shirt. I wish there was more I could offer. Let this be the end of such a dark chapter. My heart is with you and your family.A cruel disease which I myself am overcoming this year many more hospital appointments to.come yet but things are looking good.

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