Thank You John Madden T shirt

Thank You John Madden T shirt

I am really not sure would this be possible to create such sounds which is 1100 dB in earth. As far as i understood about this concept is, This measurements of Thank You John Madden T shirt the dB SPL is refers only to our human hearing systems. Since the reference value used for this calculation is 20 μpa. which might be the sensitivity pressure can be recognized by our eardrum. According to our measurements, yes! 194 dB would be the maximum can be created through the atmospheric pressure of the air. But if by any chance you hear this sound that would be the last sound you gonna hear in your life!!!. 1100 db is possible only when this happens, pressure variation from the reference to the value of 1.56*10^(47)Pa. But i would say this is may be possible in atmosphere filled with different fluids, Which may yet to be found!!.. Also if you think in our earth, atmospheric pressure is 101.325 kPa. I feel in space there can lot of local atmospheres formed with heavily dense fluids and that may create the value of Thank You John Madden T shirt.

Thank You John Madden T shirt(Thank You John Madden T shirt)

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