THE BRIDE SLAP Kill Bill T Shirt tee

THE BRIDE SLAP Kill Bill T Shirt tee

Then we have people who see abortion as birth control (both genders) and THE BRIDE SLAP Kill Bill T Shirt tee feel that therefore they just don’t have to be responsible. Again, put your feelings toward abortion to the side. Abortion, as argued by its advocates, is supposed to be a sort of last resort fail safe to prevent women who cannot afford to become mothers having to do so. Ok. Fine. Shouldn’t we have kept that mentality alive? Because right now we have a situation where millions of young people have an attitude of “instant gratification matters more than not getting into a situation where we feel abortion is necessary”. I’ve heard it from the lips of men in person saying that some girl he slept with got pregnant and they didn’t think it was their problem because the woman can abort it if she can’t handle it. What a disgusting, grotesque attitude. I think a good rule of thumb is “don’t f*ck people if you don’t care enough about them to want to marry them… but if you feel you absolutely must, do everything you can to prevent pregnancy”. As crazy as it may sound, I don’t think you getting off if it means a woman getting an abortion is worth it. And if you think getting off is worth a subsequent abortion, shame on you. Pro life or pro choice, you can’t convince me that achieving orgasm one time is so important that if you have to convince a girl to get an abortion for one, so be it.

THE BRIDE SLAP   Kill Bill T Shirt tee(THE BRIDE SLAP Kill Bill T Shirt tee)

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