UNC Beat Duke shirt – T-shirOzoemena Chukwu D Sports Oracle shirt – T-shir

UNC Beat Duke shirt – T-shir

UNC Beat Duke shirt

The King was marching into the Kathmandu Valley when he came across a sage, or mystic, and offered him some yoghurt. The UNC Beat Duke shirt tasted it, and returned the rest, declaring it blessed. Unwilling to eat the yoghurt that had already been tasted by the sage, the King threw it on the ground. According to legend, the first Nepalese king, Prithvi Narayan Shah, doomed his dynasty by being rude to a sage. (Wikimedia Commons) The sage chastised the King for his pride and said if he’d eaten the yoghurt, every one of his wishes would have been fulfilled. Instead, the yoghurt had splashed across the King’s 10 toes, ensuring his dynasty would fall after 10 generations. For many Nepalese people, the death of King Birendra, the 11th ruler of the Shah dynasty, was written in the stars. But two decades after the massacre, some are calling for the monarchy to be reinstated. Earlier this year, thousands of people gathered in Kathmandu, seeking an end to democracy and a return of King Gyanendra.

(UNC Beat Duke shirt)



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