What’s in the box se7en shirt – T-shirOzoemena Chukwu D Sports Oracle shirt – T-shir

What’s in the box se7en shirt – T-shir

What’s in the box se7en shirt

Mediocrity was not an option. Accepting the status quo was worse than regression because it implied that there was no change, no potential for What’s in the box se7en shirt . You must either rock it or completely screw it up. Nobody learns and grows by being average at something. The surprising thing was that by week three, every single international student who started off as a nervous wreck worried about losing visa status due to any form of failure completely shed his/her shell and emerged. We explored areas we were terrified of, took classes that were beyond our potential, worked on projects that were seemingly impossible, collaborated with people we could barely communicate with.

(What’s in the box se7en shirt)



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